Get anything delivered in minutes!

Ever needed something ASAP but couldn’t be bothered leaving the couch to pick it up? ASAP has solved this dilemma, allowing you to order anything and have it delivered to your door immediately. The app allows you to browse hundreds of restaurants and retail stores, with drivers on hand to pick up your goods and deliver them straight to you.


Sign up for ASAP at or find them on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

EDIT: ASAP no longer appears to be taking orders. Looks like you’re going to need to leave the house or beg your Uber Eats driver to pick up whatever you need on the way.

Get fresh food home cooked and delivered by your neighbours

Every neighbourhood has that one house that loves to cook, sending a delicious smell wafting down the street. Odds are, that house is on FoodByUs, a marketplace that connects a vibrant local community of food buyers and sellers. This genius company allows you to order food from passionate local cooks at the touch of a button. FoodByUs provides a quality assurance, and manage identification and food regulations.


Find FoodByUs on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.